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Delight Cheese

Package Design

Delight is a dairy-free company that founded in 2006. Delight has grown its marketing globally and managed to dominate the vegan industry. Recently, Delight introduced their new cheese alternative shred products that had been long requested by vegan community. Under these new products comes with three different taste; mozzarella, cheddar and pepper jack.
Delight needs to have a brand look, identity and packaging for their products that is consistent and that follows a style guide. They also needs an accessory, digital and print ad for their new product.
  • Overview: In this project, I did a bag and pouch design for a production company while attaining a consistency on typography and layout over the design process.
  • Constraint: Three weeks deadline, consistency through the design process

Style guide

Style guide is composed of consistent typography and layout while flavours are differentiated by the colour used.

Packaging and Advertisement flats